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A Thousand Words

Me Too: Stories from a mental illness survivor

today you will shine

I have to admit…I am a collector of sayings. Words speak to me. I love hearing how other people view the world, whether it’s cheesy or moving or a little of both. It is one more way in which I discover that I am not alone in my experiences and emotions. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes I would prefer the thousand words. Language is a beautiful thing, so I thought I would share some recent favorites. Most of these have either popped up on my Facebook newsfeed or are sayings that friends or family have shared with me (If I know the author I am sure to give them credit, otherwise I mark the author as “Unknown”). You will certainly see a pattern with the phrases that have meant the most to me of late. I hope they hit you right in the…

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The Facts about My BPD (and maybe yours, too) — Living With Mental Disorders — Maria’s

Originally posted on mariamazxx: DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A PSYCHIATRIST. DO NOT DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. If you believe you have symptoms of BPD, consult a professional, please! This is not intended to put down or discourage those with BPD (I have BPD as well). This is to (hopefully) help those without BPD to better understand their…

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